Kent County Meeting Venues

The League of Women Voters of Kent County has prepared a series of reports on various sites within the county which are open to the public for meetings.  Each Activity Venue Report contains a limited amount of information about each facility as provided to us by the operator of the site.  To reserve a space and verify availability, features and charges, please call the individual named as the Contact.  To add or delete a site from this compilation or request an update, please call the League at 410-810-1883 or write to us at P.O. Box 374, Chestertown, MD 21661.  These reports are provided as a public service.  The League has no legal or financial association with any of the sites included.  Click here for summary of these sites.




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  • Raymond Stokes
    commented 2016-12-20 06:22:42 -0500
    My parents were about to send me to Washington College 2 years ago, as they are artists and it’s considered to be the best private arts college. My sister’s studying there too. She was giving an interview the other day for the tips for trainees. Arndt and Aris already took a chance with traveling.
    I bet she knows about your League, anyway, it’ll be great if she joined you.